Ready for a Website?

You want a website. You NEED a website. You've got a great business idea, a growing business, or a blog and you need a home base online. Can you build your own website?

You want complete control. You don't want (or can't afford) a designer, and you want to Do It Yourself!

There's tons of information and tutorials out there. Go to it. Build your own website!

If only it was that easy!

To build your own website is a lot like building a house. It can be overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating.

Like building a house, you need blueprints. You need the right tools, skills and direction to make it all come together the right way.

Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out where to start!

You COULD Hire Someone.

There are a lot of reputable website designers. You could work with someone and get your website done for you!

Sure, it will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Sure, you'll have a ton of back-and-forth emails while you try to communicate your vision to someone else.

And sure, you'll have a professionally designed site afterwards -- but will you be able to maintain it? Can you update it? Or will that cost you MORE money??

Can you afford the time, energy and financial investment long term to hire a designer?

You CAN Do It Yourself.

All you need to build your own website is the Step-by-Step instructions.

With the DIY Your WordPress Website course, I'll show you how to:

  • set up your hosting and domain name
  • choose and install a theme
  • choose and coordinate a branded look
  • customize your theme to work for you
  • download and install all the necessary plugins
  • make all the widgets work together
  • integrate your social media and email marketing links

and generally make your website do exactly what you want it to do.

You CAN have complete control.

And it isn't actually that hard! No more having to wait on someone else's timetable, email back and forth, or panic because you accidentally "broke" something.

You'll know your site inside and out, because you built it.

Ready to get started?

Why DIY?

  • You keep control of your site

    Learn how to build it and then maintain your WordPress website. Now you'll be able to upload your own content, and fix most issues, YOURSELF. No need to give out passwords or allow access to anyone else.

  • Save Money

    Paying a developer or designer can be pricey! Save your money by doing it yourself. Not only will you save money now, but also later, when you'll know how to update and fix your site yourself too!

  • Understand the basics!

    When you learn the basics of WordPress, when you're ready to hire it out, you'll still understand what they're talking about. No more confusion and frustration! And, no more risk of being taken advantage of. You can protect yourself and your site.

DIY your site, on your time!

For less than the cost of a designer, and with less frustration, DIY your WordPress Website

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Are you ready to learn?

Setting up your own website is easier than ever! Learn how to set up your own WordPress website with step-by-step instructions, tutorials and worksheets.

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